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Sell with TexFinder

Do you have a Shima Seiki, Stoll, Steiger machine or another brand and PC for the textile industry and want to sell it at the best price and without exorbitant commissions? The most efficient and fast solution is to create an ad and publish it on TexFinder.

Create an ad now

The information you need can be found in the answer to some simple questions:
What do you want to sell?
Where is the machine?
What brand is it?
What model is it?
Do you have the technical documentation? Upload pdf.
What is the year of manufacture?
Has it been revamped?
Is it under warranty?
What is the asking price?


Why is selling with TexFinder a good idea:

1. we help you create your ad

We have created a complete guide to help you step by step to create your ad, choosing the best images to present your machine and writing a complete description so you can be easily found by whosoever is seeking what you are selling.

2. it’s all free

Registration, ad creation and sale are free of charge. There are no limits as regards time or quantity of ads you can publish. You can sell all the machines you want and remove the ad at any time, whether you’ve clinched the deal or changed idea. All free of charge.*

3. we publish your ad on a portal linked to our app

The TexFinder website is also an app, in which the ads are organised according to keywords and precise and specific categories, so the searcher can quickly find what he/she is looking for and you can clinch the deal as quickly as possible.

4. we promote the portal and your ad

Thanks to a marketing strategy tailored to the needs of our industry, we are able to publicise your add and reach a wider range of specialised buyers than you or any plain machinery shop could access.


Want to promote your add further? Access our exclusive advertising programme.


*The services of registration, publication and consultation of ads, purchase and sale through the TexFinder portal are free throughout 2019.